Bulwark Update 7 – Issues, Delays and Severe Lack of Sleep

So I haven’t posted here since August and in truth Bulwark is pretty much in the same state it was back then, I have had some major life changes and my commitments to University have grown a great deal in the last month or so.

I am currently spending whatever free time I get developing the spawn lists for the 20 that are to be in Bulwark. It has been of a considerable challenge creating a balance that is both fun to play and not overly difficult. I have found that each level has to increase in difficulty at a gradual level without overwhelming the player with too many enemies or introducing too many different enemy types at one time.

Good news is that I think that I am almost finished with the programming side of game development, I can only think of a few key features that need to be developed off of the top of my head. I have to make it clear when funds aren’t available by shadowing the purchase icons and I also need to complete the way the game saves data.

I am probably going to utilise Unitys PlayerPrefs class to store data on completed levels and bonus objectives and then tie that to a colour coded system that will enable the player an easy to way to track their progress through the game.

I have begun developing a second Unity asset that will hopefully provide a useful toolkit for procedural generation. I am hoping to develop a set of tools that enable developers to generate levels for a variety of different genres. This project is currently only in the opening stages and I still haven’t figured out the specific generators and methods that I will employ but I will hopefully keep a record of progress on this project on this blog.

At the moment I am having to push Bulwark back to at least  January/Feburary release window. More details to come soon.


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