Visual Novel System Complete!

Yes it’s finally done and dusted. My Visual Novel/Conversation system for unity is now finished :D.

This tool is designed to enable you to quickly implement a conversation system. This tool is designed for use in Visual Novel and RPG style games. However I see no reason why it can’t be used in any game that requires a speech solution.

This tool is designed to enable you to quickly implement a conversation system in any kind of game you can think of! Primarily designed to produce Visual Novels this easy solution will enable you to add conversations with choice and consequence with ease.


  • XML parsing of custom scripts
  • Fully integrated character manager/editor.
  • Auto/Skip button functionality
  • Player character thought parsing.
  • Scene management.
  • Questions with answers leading to different paths.
  • Save/Load functionality.
  • Matching voice to lines.
  • Scene dependent music.
  • In-line responses.
  • Basic conversation editor.
  • In-line conversations.
  • Auto-close of the dialog box
  • Close button.
  • Can now load characters from resources to save Scene clutter when designing.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs and made it Web-Player friendly once again by adding a ‘Save Enabled’ toggle for web.
  • Full custom conversation editor.
  • Custom Inspectors




Where to get it

Get the tool from the Unity Asset Store!




One thought on “Visual Novel System Complete!

  1. Hello, I am interested in your Visual Scripting asset for Unity. It looks like something that might work for a project I am starting to work on. I was curious if you have any documentation/tutorials that I can check out. I am curious about the flexibility of this asset. Thanks in advance!

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