Bulwark Update 5: Platform confirmation and some bad news.

This past 10 days have been an absolute roller-coaster I have been through more highs and lows than I can count with regards to my personal life. As a result of this Bulwark has hit a slow down and I am having to make some major changes to the planned game.

I have now lost my character artist and the current budget does not allow for me to recruit anyone new in the time I want to finish the game, as a result of this I am unfortunately going to strip the visual novel functionality from the game at this time.

I, like many an independent developer before me, set my goals too high for this project and as a result am having to cut back some of the ideas that made Bulwark unique. This has been a tough decision for me to make and I am really saddened that it has had to come to this. In all honesty I am not confident enough in my story writing ability to be able to have made it engaging. I may however finish up the script and release it as an extra in the download along with the sketches and ideas I originally had.

So I suppose the point is that Bulwark is to become a more traditional tower defense game, the visual novel functionality is all developed and ready to go and will live on in my visual novel asset, which I am hoping to release an update for by the end of the summer. It won’t be much, just a visual upgrade and another sample or 2 perhaps.

Moving on!

I can happily now confirm that Bulwark will be released on the following platforms:
PC, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, Mac

I am also looking into possibly porting to Ouya before release.

That’s all for now folks :D,



Visual Novel System Complete!

Yes it’s finally done and dusted. My Visual Novel/Conversation system for unity is now finished :D.

This tool is designed to enable you to quickly implement a conversation system. This tool is designed for use in Visual Novel and RPG style games. However I see no reason why it can’t be used in any game that requires a speech solution.

This tool is designed to enable you to quickly implement a conversation system in any kind of game you can think of! Primarily designed to produce Visual Novels this easy solution will enable you to add conversations with choice and consequence with ease.


  • XML parsing of custom scripts
  • Fully integrated character manager/editor.
  • Auto/Skip button functionality
  • Player character thought parsing.
  • Scene management.
  • Questions with answers leading to different paths.
  • Save/Load functionality.
  • Matching voice to lines.
  • Scene dependent music.
  • In-line responses.
  • Basic conversation editor.
  • In-line conversations.
  • Auto-close of the dialog box
  • Close button.
  • Can now load characters from resources to save Scene clutter when designing.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs and made it Web-Player friendly once again by adding a ‘Save Enabled’ toggle for web.
  • Full custom conversation editor.
  • Custom Inspectors




Where to get it

Get the tool from the Unity Asset Store!