Bulwark Update 2: New Artwork

Been really really busy over the last couple of days. I have finished up all of the artwork for the core enemies(have some variants to do etc.) and have started work on some of the buildings that will be scattered around the environment.

I have completed the pathing for around 4/20 levels and am hoping to have the core levels completed by July/August.

I sent off my character descriptions to my character artist and have started to write the story script. In doing this I came to realize that I have to rethink my save/load strategy and re-implement the way the game progresses and the players access to levels at different times.

Balance is also proving to be something of a challenge I have come to learn that the smallest of changes can make the game damn near unplayable and frustratingly difficult. I plan to do a longer post on this some time in the future.

Meant to post this when I wasn’t half asleep so don’t really have much to say as my mind is slowly shutting down. I leave you with the new artwork for Bulwark. Enjoy :).


ImageImage  drone










Goodnight :).



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