Bulwark Update 1:

Bulwark – Something serving as a defence or safeguard.

Whilst I have mentioned this project before under the oh so helpful title of ‘tower defence game’ I figured it was time I named it and started providing some more details :).

Update – Screenshots added.

I aim to post more regularly about the development of this game, along with reflecting on the experiences I have had throughout. For now though I want to share a little bit more information about the project.

2050AD. 15 years after the events of the Walker Incident; the planet Azur is ravaged by war. The Azur Defence Force(ADF) struggles to hold back the overwhelming forces of a fanatical group, the Norvus Resistance(NR). The ADF held a technological advantage and found themselves victorious in the majority of skirmishes. The NR resorted to underhand tactics, sending large strike teams to unprotected or civilian targets, whilst attempting to divert the main ADF forces elsewhere. Soon the ADFs infastructure was facing collapse, with battles raging on the front lines a new method of defence became necessary.

Thus the Bulwark initiative was created, a collective of high ranking military tasked with the defence of high priority targets. A large amount of funding was allocated to the development of stationary towers with extensive firepower.

This is the story of Commander Taylor James, a promising young man, the latest member of the Bulwark initiative.


A traditional tower defence game with visual novel elements. I have spent a great deal of time developing the core game to be familiar to anyone who has played a tower defence game. However I have tried to create a level of strategic depth through the variety of enemies present and the difference in tactics to beat them.

Technical Information/Software I use

I’m not going to go into some crazy amount of detail at this time. The game is being developed on the Unity engine and I am writing the code in C# (MonoDevelop). For artwork I am using Blender for the models and GIMP for textures, I am also making use of XNormal http://www.xnormal.net/1.aspx for ambient occlusion and normal mapping.

Also Notepad++ for an unreal amount of things 😛


I am the sole developer on this game, I have produced the majority of assets and will continue to do so. I will of course attribute and thank anyone who’s work I have used WITH PERMISSION, but I try to avoid this except for some environment assets/shaders.

I am hoping for a release by the end of 2013 but we shall have to see things go and how much time I can devote to this project.


So far I have the core game working as intended. I am in the process of writing and implementing the story whilst designing characters and backgrounds for the visual novel aspect of this game.

I’m also hard at work on building the actual game levels. It’s all fun and games ;).

Screenshots(Will upload when I get home)

Screen (1) Screen (2) Screen (3) Screen (4) Boom! Screen (6) Ha


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