Tower Defence Game(Title Pending)

I have been working on the artwork for my upcoming Tower Defense game, almost finished models and animations for the turrets, going to be working on the home base next, then onto the enemies.

There will be 4 turret types and I am aiming for between 5-10 different enemy types(depending on time frames) with 4 playable ‘worlds’ each with unique features and characteristics.

All of the turrets are upgradable up to a third level, upgrades increase damage and range.

Basic Turret

This turret will fire like a machine gun and will be the cheapest to deploy and upgrade.


Plasma Cannon

This will fire at a rate of one shot per second, firing plasma which slows down an enemies velocity by at least one unit dependent on level.


Rail Tower

This tower is highly expensive and fires at a much slower rate than any other. Deals the highest amount of damage.


Grenade Tower

Area of effect tower, can hit multiple targets in one attack, slow cool down, relatively low damage.



A quick render to showcase the turrets.


So far, I have found this to be an interesting project and am aiming for a release in the summer of 2013. The core gameplay is in place, I just have to update the assets and add a heap of new features to make it all more exciting. I am thinking of re-using assets from Rules of Engagement to finish up this project in much quicker timescale as I have found the styles to be quite similar, this will most likely require a re-texture and some new UV work but shouldn’t be too bad :).

This project enables me to learn principles of game development and programming in a practical manner, my skills since starting this project have improved considerably and I am becoming more and more confident implementing ideas and functionality. The game is to be developed in C# utilising the Unity Game Engine.

Will have some new in game screenshots soon along with a short video showing some game play.