WordPress fail…

Well I did write out a long update and announcement post but WordPress decided to break…
So here’s a teaser from my newest HIGHLY WIP project.


A Question of Scale

I have been working on some new assets for the past couple of days and I started to think that I need to define a proper scale for the project, working by eye was fine to start with as I could pretty much work out scale in relation to one another. However, with the construction of the airfield I started to realise I needed to change the scale of my units/structures to better reflect reality.


So my next mission is to finish the re-modelling of old assets then I’m going to sort out the scale and set a standard that future models can adhere to.

Rules Update, Unity


Just a sample of the new artwork I’m working on for my RTS game, am hoping to make some significant progress before Christmas.

I have also begun learning Unity through the excellent Walker boys tutorials and through my own expermientation.

I am planning to venture into Android and iOS development in the next few months, I will likely begin to create assets that can be used in several projects to shave down the development time on my next couple of games.

I am also going to be changing the title of Rules of Engagement to something that better fits the new storyline I am currently writing. I will update to that effect when I have something concrete that I am 100% happy with.